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Guaranteed Forex Signals with Automated Trading

Guaranteed Forex subscription is the best option to forex traders around the world. Whether you are a newbie on the forex or an experienced trader you will find available forex signals profitable and reliable. Multi-period subscription offers a guarantee of money-back in case we fail to deliver minimum profits. All signals we provide are very simple and clear and always include exact information. SL and TP levels are included with any alert. All alerts are market orders with exact entry and exit price information. No hidden levels. Check the examples of trading signals here. The most popular and liquid currency pairs are available for the subscription: GBPUSD, GOLD, GBPJPY and GBPCHF. Discover all the signals and groups of signals here.

The provided signals are suitable for small accounts starting from $500 or equivalent in any currency. With any subscription, you already receive free email alerts and free automated trading for any MT4 account with any broker of your choice. You may connect autotrader to a live or a demo account. The detailed information about automated trading may be found here. All alerts are automatically published on your subscription page.

Live Results

Results of trading are automatically published on the website. Statistics pages are updated automatically every hour. Detailed pages with overall results, charts and reports for every trade are available for all forex signals and groups of signals. Trading results are verified by a third-party website. The past overall results are available on the results trading page.
All results already include spreads and commissions for ECN trading account. Information on the recommended deposit levels and maximum risk levels is available on the recommended deposit page). For your convenience, each alert and each trade are provided with unique numbers for easy analysis.

Trading results are available both in pips and percentage of your deposit based on 30-40% maximum drawdown depending on a signal or a group of signals. To receive the same results, it is recommended to open a raw-spread account and follow the recommended levels of risks and deposit. The overall yearly results are available in the table on the right-hand side.

The Best Signals 2020
ABSOLUTE 1569 pips 82.6%
PREMIER PRO 1366 pips 71.9%
PREMIER 203 pips 13.5%
GOLD PRO 1013 pips 84.4%
GBPJPY PRO 191 pips 15.9%
GBPJPY 171 pips 17.1%
GBPUSD PRO 161 pips 10.7%
GBPUSD 41 pips 4.1%


Automated Trading and Delivery Options





Automated forex signals are the automated execution of signals we provide. When our professional traders make a trade, it is automatically inserted into your account with the lot size you set on your subscription page. It takes less than a second to execute a trade. Your account will be growing wherever you are whatever you do. A trading platform may be installed on our hosting (free for most subscription) and you may turn off your computer. You may set various types of lots within your subscription. You may read more about automated trading here.

All alerts are instantly added to your subscription page and sent via email as well. For an additional fee, SMS could be sent to your phone number. Find out how forex signals look like, click to visit the examples of the signals page.

Prices and Subscription Options

Subscription to any forex signal or a group of signals is available on a period base. You may subscribe to a month, a quarter or subscribe semi-annually and annually. If you subscribe for three months or more, there is a guarantee of a certain profit to be reached within the subscription or we will return the subscription cost. Subscription prices are available here. For an additional charge you may get SMS alerts.

Profit Calculator

Use the profit calculator to find out which signals better suit your account size or trading style. You may check past results with various risk settings and define the most appropriate for you.
Get your profit report now.