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Automated Trading

Automated trading signalsAutomatic trading is the most convenient, fastest and error-free way of executing alerts on your trading accounts. All trades are executed automatically on any metatrader account with any broker. You may use MT4 / MT5 platform and trade on a real or on a demo account. Automatic trading only collects details of a trade from our website and copies it to your trading account within seconds from the actual placement of a trade by our traders.

However, all trading decisions are used by professional forex traders with years of the market expertize. You will have to do virtually nothing to become a successful forex trader. We offer free VPS to host your trading platform and free installation on your PC / VPS as well if required.

Overview and Details

1 24H Trading Mon-Fri
2 Instant execution of all signals
3 99.9% stability and reliability
4 You may continue your own trading.

To use the automated trading (automated execution of trading signals), you will need to get a subscription with our website and to have a metatrader trading account with a broker of your choice. This platform is widely used in the forex market and you will be able to find plenty of brokers fitting this requirement (if you have not done it yet). To execute signals we send, a platform must be connected to the internet and must be running from Monday to Friday. That is why most platforms are hosted on dedicated servers and VPS. Subscribing to our services, you will receive a non-managed VPS. We will install your trading platform on our dedicated server (you won’t have access to the server, but you will be able to check trading results directly on your PC at any time).

The set-up process of automated trading is very simple and it will take several minutes to accomplish. The detailed installation instruction is available within your personal page after subscription. For your convenience, we may install the autotrader directly on your PC / VPS for free. If you are using a mobile platform, you will be required to obtain a desktop version to host autotraders (EAs).

Automated Trading Signals

All trades are made by human traders (not robots). A group of forex traders analyses the market to provide the best profits for you. Once a trade is made, it is automatically added to the database. Both SMS and Email alerts are sent if required. By the time you receive an email alert or an SMS, a trade would already be opened. In most cases, it takes a second to execute a trade on your trading account. Automated execution just places the same trades our traders made on your account. All trading signals will be copied without a delay with all the required information to your trading platform. If we close a trade or make an amendment (move SL / TP levels), an autotrader will make the corresponding changes in your account. You may define a desired amount of lots opened directly on your personal page. You may set a fixed lot, flexible lot or risk a certain amount of your deposit for each trade.

The installation instruction is available for all registered clients. To visit the page, please log on to the website first. To have your trading platform installed on our server, please be ready to provide your trading account details: account number, password, broker name and a connection server (e.g. EUR1-Live). Those details are required to launch the platform on our server. Please note: the money-laundering laws around the world are so strict, that money could be withdrawn from your account only to your own accounts and in most cases, via the same method the funds were uploaded. You may be sure, your funds' movements cannot be initiated with the details we receive from you for the installation. To have your trading platform installed on our server, please contact us.