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Average Profit a Month
18.9% (359 pips)
Total Profit
737.2% (14006 pips)
Max Drawdown
-34.4% (-654 pips)
Win Ratio
Profit / Loss Months
33 // 6 months
Total Profit / Loss
65948 pips / -51942 pips
Profit / Loss Trades
3673 trades // 2112 trades
Best / Worst Month
0 pips // 0 pips
Recommended deposit
1900 / 0.1 lot
TP Level
20-100 pips
SL Level
30-80 pips

Premier Pro Group of Forex Signals Results

Premier Pro is the group PRO trading signals. A PRO signal is a combination of a trading robot (EA) and professional forex traders. Pro signals make a big number of trades a month. Average monthly profit and drawdown values are quite volatile comparing to basic signals we offer. The following signals are available within this group:GBPJPY PRO, GBPUSD PRO and GOLD PRO. Minimise your trading risks and increase your returns. The overall drawdown for the group of signals is several times lower than a sum of drawdowns of included pairs.

Subscribe for three months or more and receive the money-back coverage in case we fail to provide at least 100 pips within three months, 200 pips within six months or 400 pips within a year. All trading results are provided without re-investing of profits. If you re-invest all the profits, the overall and monthly profits would be much higher. The recommended levels of deposit are available on the recommended deposits page. All forex signals are sent via Email alerts and can be 100% executed automatically for free with any MT4 / MT5 (metatrader account). For an additional charge ($0.1 per SMS) signals may be delivered via SMS as well.

If you would like to check every trade results, please click on any month's result to load a page (detailed information with each trade, overall results and a chart will be loaded). You may also check signals history on your personal page.