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Premier Pro July 2019 Trading Results

Net profit : 27.6% (525 pips)
Maximum drawdown
-148 pips
Total trades
5 trades
Win Ratio // Efficiency Rate
Efficiency rate
Profitable / Loss trades
2 / 3 trades
Total Profit / Loss
61 / -39 pips
Average trade
4.4 pips

The results on this page show the closed trades for the Premier Pro signal for July 2019 . These trades include positions opened in the current month and in previous months and closed this month. All positions opened this month but not closed until the end of the month are not displayed here. July 2019 . July 2019 , these trades are displayed here. Please note: this report includes only closed trades. If a trade is opened in July 2019 but is not closed in July 2019 , On the left-hand side, you may find the overall results and monthly performance. To view results for different periods, click the corresponding links. To return to the overall results page, July 2019 . If you would like to check overall results for all periods, please click here to check Premier Pro detailed results page. To view previous or next periods please click the corresponding links.

Net profit: (Total profit made - Total loss received); Win ratio: Profitable trades / Total trades;
Average trade: Net profit / Total trades; Efficiency rate: Net Profit / Total profit made.


Premier Pro Every Trade and Cumulative Result Chart July 2019

The following chart reflects all executed trades (columns chart) and the cumulative net results (line). The chart includes only the final results for each trade. The corresponding trades with details (signal title, currency pair, open / close date, open / close price, SL / TP levels) are available further within the every trade table.

Premier Pro Detailed Every Trade Table July 2019

The table below includes all trades closed in July 2019 You may click on a signal's title to view its detailed statistics page. The following chart includes all signals and all signals set traded within the mentioned period. click here to go back to Premier Pro overall results

Signal Type Open Date Close Date Open price Close Price Result Comments
GBPCHF Sell 1 Jul 19 2:00 1 Jul 19 2:30 1.24462 1.24580 -13.00 pips The trade was closed by SL
GBPCHF Buy 11 Jul 19 1:45 11 Jul 19 11:15 1.23460 1.23770 30.00 pips Close the trade now
GBPCHF Buy 12 Jul 19 7:30 12 Jul 19 8:00 1.23900 1.23780 -13.00 pips The trade was closed by SL
GBPCHF Sell 24 Jul 19 5:45 24 Jul 19 8:00 1.22726 1.22850 -13.00 pips The trade was closed by SL
GBPCHF Sell 25 Jul 19 15:00 26 Jul 19 1:15 1.23651 1.23335 31.00 pips Close the trade now
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