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Home Results Automated Trading Forex Signals Recommended deposits Prices and Subscription Questions and Answers
Average Profit a Month
9.1% (136 pips)
Total Profit
308.6% (4629 pips)
Max Drawdown
-39% (-578 pips)
Win Ratio
Profit / Loss Months
25 // 9 months
Total Profit / Loss
32610 pips / -27981 pips
Profit / Loss Trades
2057 trades // 1222 trades
Best / Worst Month
565 pips // -413 pips
Recommended deposit
1500 / 0.1 lot
TP Level
50-60 pips
SL Level
30-60 pips

GBPUSD PRO Detailed Result Page

GBPUSD PRO trading signal offers high volume intense trading with up to 100 trades a month. High monthly returns with a moderate level of a maximum drawdown. We use one and five minutes charts to analyze the market. Trend reversal and overbought / oversold levels are used to identify the best possible moments to enter the market. Short-term trading with a big number of trades a month. Intense intra-day trading with a big number of monthly and daily trades.

All relative results (profit in percentage to a deposit, maximum drawdown levels) are based on the recommended deposits levels. Signals and alerts are available for SMS / Email instant notifications. Automated trading is available for any MT4 / MT5 (metatrader account). GBPUSD PRO signal is available for a subscription on a monthly basis (1-12 months) as a single-currency subscription or choose a group of signals and subscribe for three months or more and get a money-back coverage when trading with GBPUSD PRO signal forex.

If you would like to check every trade results, please click on any month's result to load a page (detailed information with each trade, overall results and a chart will be loaded). You may also check signals history on your personal page.